Our first day we traveled north from the West Entrance to Minerva's Terrace.
There were a lot of sites on the way.
Our camp site in West Yellowstone
We came across a herd of Elks
We saw a buffalo along the side of the road.
Interesting rock formations
Gibbon Falls in the afternoon
Looking both ways.
At Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace
Day 1
Day 2
Day two takes us from the West Entrance to Old Faithful. We came across some wildlife.
This was a fun one.
The front geyser would empty then the back one would erupt.
Artist's Paint Pots
Morning Glory Pool
Inside the Old Faithful Lodge
More wild life along the road
Day 3
Day three we finished sightseeing past Old Faithful.
The weather changed and it was cold, rainy and it snowed.