In September the annual Reno Balloon Race is held. It is three days of hot air balloon festivities.
We arrived at 3:30am on the first day and watched the balloons being inflated. At 5:00am the balloonists lit their balloons to music. It is beautiful against the darkness. At sunrise over 80 balloons took off. It was spectacular.
As we were watching the setup, one balloonist asked Rudy to help move a large fan used for inflating the balloon. She asked if we would like to help the next day.
The next day we were there at 5:00am to watch the Dawn Patrol launch. It is 7 balloons that launch at 5:00am and light up the dark sky.
After helping with the setup of the Flight Fantastic, we climbed aboard and took off.
Like the name of the balloon, it was Fantastic.
The National Anthem and launch of the flags
Day 2
Dawn Patrol
The drop zone for our beanbag.
At this point we were in second place.
Our pilot John.
He and his daughter, Jess, are wonderful.
Check out their website.