My Quilts
Quilting is my love

I took my first quilting class in 2003 and I was hooked.
Rudy made me a quilt box. I am filling it up.

Love it love it love it!
Rather than buying souvenirs, on our last trips we bought t-shirts and state flags.
I made them into quilts, to look at and remember fun places.
I won 30 quilt squares at the first quilt bingo at Village Sewing
My first quilt.
I learned a lot, like I need a beginning quilt class
I made this quilt for a family reunion. It was auctioned off for $100
Bret's t-shirt quilt
The guests at Jason and Marcy's wedding signed squares. I added mementos from the wedding to the center.
These were made for Rudy's jeans.
I call them "Utility Quilts".
They are meant to be used.
My contribution to
Quilts for Wounded Warriors